Year in Review

I’m taking this idea of a 2009 meme from The Farmer’s Daughter.
(Thanks for the idea!)
I restarted my blog in Feb. 2009 on Blogspot, so the blog part will have to start there…
Sort of neat to go back and look at what we’ve done this year. I didn’t realize how many little trips we’d taken in 2009 (Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Orlando, New Orleans, Disneyworld, lots of little in Arkansas trips…) Maybe why this year seemed like so much fun!


Silly family pic!


Petit Jean Weekend This weekend was so beautiful I have been officially bitten by the “Spring Bug.”


On Feelings of Gratitude Many things have been happening around us lately that makes me realize how lucky we are and how grateful I am for the life I have been given.


Chicha de arroz con piña I decided to cut it (pineapple) up and make chicha de arroz con piña while I was at it. This is a frothy, yummy, sweet, drink that instantly brings back memories of shopping on Avenida Central with mom and Meme.


Sunshine (At Last!) Sunshine at LAST! What a beautiful weekend. Cupcakes I made for Heidi’s wedding shower. Now I have to think about the cake.


Rooty,Tooty, Fresh, and Fruity Been a busy few days…


Fun Fourth My 20th high school reunion/ Canal Zone Reunion was in Orlando, Florida and so mom, my honey, and I decided to go.


Beautiful Arkansas Weekend This weekend was gorgeous.


En Pointe If you are a girl who has ever taken dance you can remember WANTING those pink, beribboned beauties.

100th Post (Gratitude 3 Too!) Wow, I just noticed this will be my 100th post!

Thanksgiving We went to the hills this Thanksgiving. Really.


Greening the Holidays How can I green up MY holidays?