On Cotton Candy Apple Fun

Yesterday the boys were out of school 
it was $1 day at the Arkansas State Fair! 
(Guess what we did?)
Jac showing off his Heifer Int. T-shirt with a friend

On Fall Fair Fun

Sunday was a beautiful day in the Natural State!
We started the morning at Pinnacle Mountain for Rendezvous
(a Mountain-Man/Native American celebration)
Campers at Rendezvous

Blacksmith’s Shoppe
Then we went home for a “break” 
(where the boys showed me their newly learned bicycling skills)
and then off to the Arkansas State Fair!  
Ferris Wheel Night Light
Fun House!

9 X’s On A Tilt-A-Whirl = World Peace

On State Fair Fun

Sunday we went to church with some good friends,
then out to lunch
Good old-fashioned, 
Sunday fun!
Boys in awe
Swinging at the State Fair

Hubby trying the deep-fried Twinkies
Original or ? 

Baby Ducks Sliding
Newborn piglets

The only veggies at the fair?
I love how everyone has a favorite part of the fair.  The animals, crafts, rodeo, junk food, rides, freak shows, games, or for me just the people watching.   They had a giant yo-yo ride that was a capsule attached to bungee cords- insane.  I thought about how I would have done that about 20 years ago.  Now?  
No way.  
Especially after the junk food. 

“Fair” Friday

Friday I checked the kids out of school a little early
(they were going to have to be out early anyway due to Race For the Cure setup downtown)
and we headed to the State Fair!

From the Top of the Ferris Wheel

My honey and the kids tried such weirdness as chocolate covered bacon and fried Coke.
After all the rain we’ve had it was nice to just get outside.

The Himalaya!

The Fabulous Frog Hopper

Another view from the top