On Fun in the Big Apple

My daughter wanted a girls-only trip to NYC
for her 16th birthday…
My girl and her grandmas

She finally got her wish a couple of weeks ago!

We had big (unrealistic) plans to see almost every major tourist spot, see some shows, take some dance classes, and most importantly- find pointe shoes that fit! (Oh, and eat lots of good stuff!)
I’d bought the NYC Pass before we left.  It’s a pretty good deal, and although we didn’t see but 4-5 things out of the 80+ we could have we did get the right to jump to the front of the line in most places.  Figuring most things cost at least $20+ each I think it was worth it… REALLY worth it when you are short on time.  If we’d had another day we probably could have used at least 4 more places, if not more.  If we go back with the boys I’ll get it again, just because its worth it to me to not have to wait.   I’d say if you get it make sure to look on the website and plan what you’ll be doing each day, just to get your money’s worth.

So what DID we end up doing?

  • LOTS of walking! (Subways are HARD to figure out!)
  • Times Square hotspots (M&M store, Toys R Us, Ellen’s Stardust Diner, etc.)
  • Lots of dance stores & classes (Grishko, Capezio, Chacott/Freed, Yumiko, STEPS)


  • Chinatown
  • Little Italy
  • Top of the Rock Observation deck
  • Shopping
  • Pippin  (I bought tickets before we left and so glad I did!)

  • Cinderella (got 1/2 price tickets in Times Square)
  • South Street Seaport
  • Central Park
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Museum of Natural History
  • MOMA (Museum of Modern Art- got to see the Rain Room!)
  • Rockefeller Center
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Always Look Up!

On the Rush

What a busy few weeks…
Nutcracker week and one more show to go!
If you are in LR make sure to come see the last show at 2:00 PM today!

My tiny cannon soldiers are the 3rd and 4th from left

Old Statehouse

Lights Downtown  
I have two cannon soldiers, an Arabian girl, and flower in the show this year! 
  Also downtown today is the AR Craft Guild’s show at the Statehouse convention center. 
Lots of great deals on beautiful things by Arkansas artists. 
 If you say you’re a FB fan they will give you a free ticket to get in the art show. 
Helping his dad with French Drains
 Off stage we are trying to get the house done so we can move in this week… 
Wish us luck! 

On a Girl’s Road Trip

Weekend before last my girl and I went on a fast and furious trip to Dallas.
She had an audition for an ABT summer dance intensive and we thought we’d just make a “girl’s trip” out of it!  (We had never been on a trip without the boys!)
We stopped by my grandma’s before checking into our hotel and had a fast but nice visit with Grandma, my aunt and uncle and “little” cousin.   I gauge the age of my marriage by how old he is because he learned to walk at our wedding!  Let’s just say he’s mid-way through college and a handsome fellow so I remembered our 20th anniversary is coming up this year…

Emily and my idea of a good time always involves really good food so we went to Zorba’s, our favorite Greek restaurant, and had a truly marvelous meal.  I might have embarrassed Emily a bit when I asked the waiter how to say avgolemono a few times.  Divine soup it is.  We topped it off by getting some baklava to take back to the hotel for breakfast!

Greek Heaven

Before the auditions we walked a mall to work off some nervous energy, and then had to head to Coppell.  It was a great studio.  There were so many trying out (including several of her friends from here) that they ended up starting an hour late so we didn’t get out until five.  On the way home we found another great restaurant called Tiramisu’s in Coppell.  Great food and we had the place to ourselves. Then it was on the road again for home.  (Only a five hour drive home…) 

It was our first “girl’s only” trip and it was so much fun to do what we wanted to.  Hope to take a longer one soon!  NYC maybe? 

On Nutcracker Withdrawl

Nutcracker Season 2011 is officially over.  
It’s strange not having to be at rehearsals.  
Ballet Arkansas did a fantastic job this year!  
Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince (by Stacy Kinzler Photography)
My 3 cuties were:  J- trumpeter angel, M- cannon soldier and one of the dragon’s feet, E- lead rat and lead angel (she changed it to angel and mouse sitter because she lead the tiny mice and angels out on stage and around!  They were so precious!)  
My rat scaring Clara
My little cannon soldier (photo by Paul Henry)
Mine is the trumpeter on the right and E is big angel in middle

My angel (behind the pretty Sugar Plum Fairy)
One of the tiny feet is Max

On Fall Fun

Falling Leaves…
Trails with Trees,

Racing for the Cure,

A few dancing zombies,
And La Niña y la Pinta,
= fall fun!