On Customer Service

What the heck has happened to customer service in this country?

I try to be nice.  I’ve worked in every role in the restaurant business so I understand bad days.  But still, I get so annoyed I’ve ended up walking out of several places (and maybe I should walk out of even more.) 

Today for example…
We went to a “froo froo” cupcake shop in town.  We had 30 minutes before girl had dance so I thought I’d treat the kids to an overpriced cupcake (which I’m willing to do for a local place.)
We weren’t greeted or acknowledged AT ALL. 
Honestly, how hard is it to say “Hi!  We’ll be right with you!”  There was a woman in front of us that was ordering cupcakes for her son’s birthday next month.  NEXT MONTH.  She didn’t have a clue what she wanted and would have gladly looked at the book of ideas while the lady waited on the line- that was by now six people deep.  Instead of smiling at us or waving to the people behind us coming in the saleslady picked up the phone and called another store to see how many cupcakes a day they could bake in FEBRUARY.  That’s when I noticed there was ANOTHER worker in the back that could have been called up front.  Well, after ten minutes we walked out  (at minimum a $20 loss.)  If the people behind us ended up walking out that was at least another $20 or more out the door.  In a small business that can be a lot.  Being nice PAYS people. Literally.

Where do I shop? 

I try to shop local first.  And then, where people treat me with respect even if I’m in my gym clothes (which I wasn’t) and where they at least act like they are happy to get my business.  I’ll go way out of the way to get a coffee at a local place where I feel welcomed even if it means spending a little more.  Remember you have a choice where you spend your money.