On Bake Sale Fun

The Arkansas Food Blogger Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry was a wonderful success! 

(with a side of fun and a sugar rush!)
The grand total of $2000 was achieved (DOUBLE last year’s total!) 
and you can still contribute here!
Did you know that Arkansas is #1 for Childhood Hunger?  
My Momma’s Brownies on Display!
Momma’s Brownies Up-Close and Personal
Just a few of the Lovely Bloggers Who Participated! 

And here are just a few recipes from the sale:

It was so great to meet up with some of my bloggy friends I’d met at AWBU last year and some I’ve never met but have wanted to! What a great group of people who love food! 
A big “Thank You” to Christie (AKA Fancy Pants Foodie) for organizing everything.  You rock!

On a Bloggy Good Time

This past weekend I attended the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference in Mountain View at the Ozark Folk Center State Park.  

If you know me (or read my blog) you know how much my family loves Mountain View and the folk center.   It isn’t unheard of for us to get an urge and drive the 2 1/2 hrs for some Tommy’s cheese pizza and music in the square.

If we were closer I would beg to work at the folk center.  (As a kid I liked to dream that I was transported back to the pioneer days.)   We did get a few breaks where we got to roam the center to shop and explore.  So I pretended I was the only female blacksmith in the village- but then remembered how easily I get hot and just bought some windchimes.  Maybe an herbalist or glass blower instead? 

Beautiful colored beads and glass items at the Ozark Folk Center
Magical Glass

Three ladies looking into window at glassware
Bloggy Buds (Kyran, Alison, Whitney) Shoppin’

I hadn’t been on a girls’ only trip in over ten years- and this was an amazing experience.  I got to room with some fun and feisty ladies (Alison, Sarabeth, and Whitney) and hang out with others (esp. Melissa, Jerusalem, Brittany, Kyran, and Natalie!) We got to be nutty and smart- my favorite!  I learned how to “tweet” properly, Instagram, and how to get Klout in some strange things.   If you live in Arkansas please check out Arkansas Women Blogger’s– a great community of fantastic ladies willing to help you with anything.

On Friday had an Iron chef AWBU contest and got awesome aprons with our blog names embroidered on them! 

Goat cheese spread, fruit salsa, and white bean dip
Team Savory’s Contribution!

And swag?  Wow.  The AWBU team outdid themselves.  The sponsors went all out and I came home with bags and bags of goodies (Ziploc Versa-glass containers, All You magazines, Mrs. Meyers goodies, boot polish, Happy Birthday baby books, Field notes, Duck Tape that my daughter confiscated, handmade lotion from Tommy Sue’s Critters AND an amazing pair of Ariat boots from Country Outfitter!)

(Be reading for a chance to win a gift certificate for your own pair of boots from Country Outfitter in the next month!)

At our BBQ on Saturday night we even were witnesses to one of the sweetest things…
A fellow blogger, Gina was asked to tell her tale of how she started blogging.  Unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend Thom walked up behind her during her talk and proposed!  Such a sweet love story- read more about it on her blog

Gina & Thom’s Engagement!

A big “Thank You!” to the AWBU team, the great sponsors,  and all the folks at the Ozark Folk Center State Park for all of your hard work! 

No more Picniks?

I just found out that my favorite website Picnik will be closing in April! 
I adore Picnik (an online editing site-think photoshop) and have made some neat things with it, like my blog headers,
 and these:
Collage for November 2010

Before and After – Book Organizing

My “Balance” picture

Before and After- Kitchen Clean out

Header for Recipe (Recetas) Page

Easter Card- Outside
Not sure why they are closing,  but they said they will refund my premium membership which makes me feel no better honestly…
The only good news is that they are giving everyone Premium Membership for free until they close in April.  So, if you haven’t tried Picnik, get on over and make some fun before it’s gone forever! 
(I am going to be busy!  Think I’m gonna make a month collage for the past few years at least!)