On Creepers at the Dinner Table

If you have a male child in your house you probably can sympathize with the shmuck I hear myself saying lately…

“No, we cannot play Minecraft at the dinner table.”

“I don’t want to hear another word about a Creeper.”

“Please don’t talk about making cow traps anymore.”

“No more computer for a week!”

“Yes, it is as hot as the Nether today.”

“Wait til I get your daddy to disconnect the X-Box!”

Their artwork for the school fundraiser was even of GLaDOS (from Portal.) 

Yeah, Lovely isn’t she?

They get so incredibly sucked in.
At our local Cub Scout camp I had to laugh when the geologist giving a talk about mineral hardness said diamonds were the hardest on the Mohs scale and the boys all looked confused and said “But what about Obsidian?  Isn’t it harder?”  (Minecraft strikes again…)

I honestly just don’t get it.  (Of course, I can’t even play Mario without getting dizzy.)
I was thinking about how my generation (forty-ish’s) is probably the last one that just played outside.  I mean “Back in My Day” video games were still played in a social settting.  If you wanted to play the latest game you went to the arcade and met your buddies there.  Your dollars would run out and you’d inevitably end up playing a game of kick-ball or football or something.   Only the elite few had a game system in their houses and, let’s face it, the games were so incredibly boring no one wanted to stick around playing them for very long.  Pong, anyone?

But, my brother’s generation was hooked.   By the time he was a teen home game systems were already fairly elaborate.  (But they still went outside!)

My kids?  I have to unplug everything to get them to play outside.  I honestly love the days when they are “in trouble” and have all technology taken away.  (A lot lately.) 


If our generation had the technology our kids do would we still be the same?
Nope.  I don’t think so.
I think instead of calling friends to ride bikes or swim, or go play “tennis ball” (our version of baseball with a tennis raquet- meant to prolong the game) we might have been sucked into the virtual worlds too.  I probably would have been reading on a Nook or surfing the web (or blogging.)  My buddies probably would be Minecraft or Portal freaks like my own kids.  And cell phones?  Wow.

Makes me a little scared.   Makes me want to not connect the TV at the new house and secretly lose the games in the move.

Of course, I’d have to lose my iPad and computer too…  (now who’s obsessed.)


Writer’s Workshop: Lots of Lists

For MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop I chose prompts #3 & #4:
3.) Write a list of 10 things that can be done to stave off boredom.
4.) “How many homes have you had? Write a journal entry about ALL the places you’ve called ‘home’ in your life.”

ALL the places I’ve called home?  Honestly, Mama Kat?  Wow.  I am choosing this just to see if I can do it.  (Mom, if you’re reading you can check and see if I left anything out.)

  1. I was born when my parents were in grad school (well, mom was finished and working but dad was still in)  so we lived in Fayetteville, AR near the U of A.  First house I remember was a rock house?  
  2. Then a duplex there where dad had a motorcycle…
  3. A farmhouse in Hogeye, AR (yeah, that’s really the name!) I loved that house- guess from when I was 2-3.  I remember the owner had a big scary white horse but he was nice.  Also we had to help the cows get their heads out of the fence sometimes which I thought was funny and my little dog, Mona, loved to chase the cows.   And I had the best tire-swing EVER! 
  4. MuscleShoals, AL when I was 4 and I remember it was a pretty house with a fireplace and a nice patio where a cute greensnake would come and hang out with us.  We had sunflowers that grew out back and that was the first time mom ever didn’t work and I loved it. 
  5. Knoxville, TN when I was 5.  We had an awesome backyard at the end of a cul-de-sac and a little woods behind our house where I could roam.  Mom stayed home the whole time we lived in Knoxville and was like June Cleaver- making cookies and playdough, homemade eggroll wrappers even and tofu!  My baby brother was born here and my dad died here.
  6.  My grandparents house in Ancon, Panama. 
  7.  A nasty apartment in France Field, Panama- where we could hear voodoo drums sometimes (really.)  My brother got pushed off the slide by mean kids and we saw a hammerhead shark.  
  8. CocoSolo, Panama– my favorite home.  Right by the ocean and across the street was my elementary school. 
  9. Margarita, Panama when they closed CocoSolo.   Much nicer house.
  10. Watertown, New York- Day’s Inn for 9 months until we found a house.  I was 15 and got a little chubby for the first time in my life because we had to eat out every meal (think “SuperSize Me”)
  11. House in Watertown (finally.)  Not to offend anyone but wow, I hated Watertown.  
  12. Back to Panama!  Apartment on Davis by the gym (good for me- by now a workout freak.) 
  13. College dorm
  14. Apartment where the train would shake my bed at night.  (college)
  15. Apartment where I was scared someone would come in the long window (college)
  16. Home to finish college (see 12)
  17. Married life- apartment on the hill until we were evicted for having a dog (all 2 lbs of her.)
  18. First house together on Olive.  We remodeled the whole thing on my teaching salary. 
  19. This house! 

As an added bonus (woo-hoo)
(Just a list kind of day I guess…)

  1. Have some kids, you’ll never be bored again.  (Believe me!)
  2. Have some more kids if you dare.
  3. Blog.
  4. Take a walk anywhere.
  5. Take a road trip anywhere (can you tell I’m a Saggitarius?)
  6. Make something yummy with/for someone you love.
  7. Plant a garden.
  8. Play in the mud with your favorite kids.
  9. Make playdough and play with it. 
  10. Clean your computer’s files (I’ve not been that bored in a LONG time.)

To join in on the fun go here.