Indiana Jones Cupcakes

Here were the cupcakes from my 6 yr old’s birthday in December (yes, I am very behind!)

maps, crystal skull, hats, whips, snakes…

The Crystal Skull

More hats, snakes, coins, flowers for the girls

He wanted Indiana Jones (of course) so we all pitched in to make little fondant toppers.   The hats and whips (all brown things) we made from warming Tootsie Rolls in the microwave for about 6 seconds  then shaping.  The rest was regular fondant that we painted with petal dust or food markers.   The cake was just Devil’s Food with chocolate buttercream icing.  I sprinkled crushed Oreos on top to make “dirt.”
It was fun and I think they came out really cute!


Okay, two cakes in the making, brain is starting to work…

Cake 1-
Jac wants an Alvin and the Chipmunks birthday (his birthday is Christmas Eve) and the movie comes out on the 23rd. So I reserved a party room at a theater.

Not sure on the cake… Movie cake or Alvin and the Chipmunks cake?

Cake 2-
I’m debating making this one…
A cake for 75 girls (my goddaughter’s friend’s sweet 16 party)
Three tiered Tim Burton style “Alice in Wonderland” cake
Could be fun, but for Jan. 2nd