Writer’s Workshop: Bad Burns

Let me take you back…

I was a senior in high school.
In Panamá the Ocean-To-Ocean Cayuco Race (used to be a Boy Scouts of America event) was/is a HUGE deal.  It’s what we Atlantic-siders lived for.  The chance to show up the big Pacific side with our natural athletic abilities,  meet cute boys people from other towns, a huge party at the end, what’s not to love? 
Let me explain.
A cayuco is a hollowed out log canoe.  Most of the ones that were used then (not sure about now) were handed down from many years before and changed and perfected each year.  They held several people (think it was 5 or 6) and you sat on your knees or little rods and had to paddle simultaneously or the boat would totally flip.  Much more sensitive than a canoe, not as fancy as a crew boat.

You practice forever, then race from one ocean, through the locks and lake to the other ocean.  A major deal.

I REALLY wanted to race.   

I was really athletic then.  I’d swim, play raquetball or tennis (badly,) body surf, lift weights, and run usually every day if I could.
My on-again/off-again boyfriend at the time had a crew and a boat, but they of course wanted an all-boys boat.  They asked me to be their queen and I said “yes.”  The queen brought snacks, looked cute, got sponsorships etc. for the team.  Boy, was I dumb.
(But hey, they all looked like Jacob from “Twilight” and I was 17, so cut me some slack.)
Then, another friend asked me to be on her all-girl crew.   I wanted to say “yes”but I’d already accepted the throne (ha) so I agreed to be an alternate.   I practiced with them and with another co-ed crew when they needed an alternate for practice.  I LOVED it.  Of course, as Irish as my skin is I burned even with Zinc Oxide smeared on me.  I didn’t care.  Mom covered me in vinegar to heal the sunburn.  I smelled like a red pickle but it was okay.
Then, my guy dumped me and picked another queen.
I was now officially just an alternate.

Much worse burn.

Hey, the practice was fun.  The party wasn’t, but that’s okay…
Lesson WAS Learned.

Thinking about going back to really race this time.  Think I could practice in the Arkansas River?  Anyone for a team?

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This week’s assignments are:

1.) It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

2.) Write a poem for your furry friend.

3.) Describe a memorable camping trip.

4.) It happened on a motorcycle.

5.) Post a vlog that shows you playing with your kids.

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