Sweet Changes

Cinnamon Sweet Rolls!
Recipe is on my cooking blog here.  

We are buying a new old house!  It’s exciting but so scary.  It was a spur of the moment decision and we didn’t think we’d actually get it (but were hoping.)
A 1930’s brick Art Deco Bungalow (I think…)

All original lighting fixtures, tiles, doors, knobs, even stove and sink.  High ceilings and plaster walls.  Very cool (or it will be.)  The lot is what sold me.  Almost an acre in the city!  (4 level lots.) I can have a nice garden! It’s only a block from my house now, so not a huge change that way. (We LOVE our neighborhood!)
I am freaking out because now I have to finish the rent house, fix this one to sell, and fix that one to move into…
Anyone want to buy my house???