On Monster Tea Parties

So, I was a really good/bad mom today
(on this second snow day of the week)…
For breakfast the kids had s’mores.  

For lunch they had a tea party.
Not just any old tea party, mind you.  A “Super Zombie-Monster Tea Party.”
Or that is what I was told.

Finger sandwiches, hibiscus tea/blood punch, and cheese were on the menu.
Bit of the conversation I overheard:
“Why weren’t you at the tea party last week, J/Mr. Skeleton?”
In a scary voice “My rib was missing.”
“Oh, we thought it was because you didn’t have the guts!”
“Why, is this O+ blood?  It is delicious?”

I’m so blessed to have kids that have imaginations.  Makes my heart happy (even if I do have to watch my neck!)

Tonight we took a walk in the sub-zero temps (what was I thinking?) and watched what today’s sun had done to the local snowmen.

Melty, Our Friendly Neighborhood Snowman


 Ours was gone.  Maybe he heard about the scary tea party.

Dinner Time Blues (or SPD bites)

Frustrated I am (says the Yoda in me.) 

Some of my kids have SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder.)  SPD is a condition in which your senses can’t process properly so sounds, smells, textures, sights, are distorted to where they are either heightened- lessened- or both.   One out of every 20 kids has it!  My oldest son’s main issues are with food.  The smells make him feel sick, the texture annoys him, sounds of people eating make him ill.   It is very upsetting at mealtime.  He won’t eat practically anything at school so when he comes home he’s famished.  The hardest part is he knows it’s irrational but just can’t help it. 

I must admit.  I have it too.  I can remember getting so grossed out (at everyone) for smacking when they ate when I was a kid, and I still do honestly.   One time, when I was 8 and at my first sleepover at a friend’s house, I woke up to find my host family so excited that they had made blueberry pancakes with maple syrup!  (I detest the smell of blueberry pancakes AND maple syrup.)  I ran out of the room and vomited.  I couldn’t help it.  I still can’t stand the smell.

At dinner we have battles sometimes.  Mainly stemming from “But I can’t stand that.  Why did you make THAT?”  Then the other kids might chime in and start a chorus of whining that drives me insane.
So I’m trying something that I hope helps.  I bought a cheap whiteboard calendar with a nice frame.  Last night I had the kids help me “plan” the meals.  We wrote the meals on the board and I’ll hang it prominently in the kitchen for all to see.  Hope now if issues arise with any kid I can say “But my dear, you planned the meals, I didn’t.”
Wish me luck.

If you have time please learn more about SPD.  Here is a great place to start.

Kids Meals

When did it happen that kids got entirely different meals than adults?
As a child I never had that choice.  Eating out I can’t really remember restaurants having kid’s menus (except for McD’s of course.)  Now, if you search for “Kids Meals” online you get so many sites on how to feed your kids, what kids want to eat…
My brother and I ate everything and actually liked it.  (OK, I wouldn’t eat boiled shrimp, liver,  or blueberry pancakes, and still don’t like them.)
Now it seems that people EXPECT kids to eat differently and bow down to it. 
I don’t like that. 
How is a child supposed to appreciate good food if they don’t ever taste it? 
I know many people who cook entirely different things for their children than they eat.  I refuse to do this.  My rule is “You have to try two bites.  If you hate it I’ll maybe make you something else that resembles what we are eating.” 
I love places with no kid’s menu.  My kids look at me with big eyes- “But what do we eat then?” 
Well, you get to CHOOSE!   (And not from Pizza, Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, or Hamburger!)
They always love it once they get over the shock.
Check out these adorable school lunchbox ideas I found on Flickr.