Cookies are Here!

Today was the long anticipated arrival of Girl Scout cookies. I met the truck at 8:00 AM, and helped unload/restack the pallets into nice 5 x 10 rows of crates, then awaited our troops’ turn to be picked and sorted. The cardboard from the boxes got my allergies and I had a major migraine when I got home around noon. The good news was almost all my parents showed up at the Armory to get the cookies so I didn’t have to cart that many home! Another fine parent helped me unload what was left at my house. Now the fun of delivering our orders begins! I am taking more aspirin tonight!

T.G.I.S. (Thank God It’s Sunday!)

I am tired. Just a point my poor body is trying to make I guess, about me needing more exercise. We had our Girl Scout Thinking Day event yesterday for our service unit (North Little Rock and Sherwood.) For those of you who don’t know, I have been a Girl Scout leader for I guess six years now (about 3 or 4 with this troop.) Cookies Anyone? The girls chose Canada as their country for the event, and really did a great job. We had totem poles, an ice fishing hut, fingerprint animals, 6 foot tall maple tree with a sap bucket, air hockey table, displays, and great food. It’s always fun but really a job. After that six hours we came home and unloaded, and then Scott and the boys came home and wanted to go to the IMAX. It was fun, but I was REALLY happy to sleep in this morning!