Groceries (or to Farmer’s Market we go)

I’ve been trying for the past year or so to really attempt to buy local as much as possible. 

Market in Winter


  • When I buy local I support local farmers.
  • I get fresh, yummy produce (the grocery stores can’t compare.)
  • I can get fresh, local, milk from a woman-owned dairy! 
  • I can get FRESH eggs!  (I’d still like a few chickens.)
  • I get to chat with my favorite farmers and neighbors while picking up my goods. (And in the summer the kids love the samples!)
  • I can take all my own bags and don’t even have to most of the time.
  • I get fresh milk (most of the time.)
  • Our local organic farmer’s market has online ordering which is awesome for a busy mom!
  • I don’t spend as much on junk at the grocery store because I plan and only get what I need (especially when I order online.)
  • I don’t have things going bad in the fridge because I don’t use them fast enough.


  • Sometimes, when I pre-order from our local organic farmer’s market online I don’t get what I think I’m ordering.  (Example: I ordered “Cracked Pecans” thinking they would be well, cracked shelled pecans.  I got a bag of the shells and the pecans, not picked through.  Quite strange.)  
  • On occasion, if I pre-order online I don’t get the freshest things.  (Milk has been almost sour twice and apples were so gross I couldn’t make a pie even.)  *Now, if I just get it from the farmer’s I can choose my own, but in the winter online ordering is sooo  much easier.
  • I spend about $1 more per gallon for milk than at the grocery store, $1 more for a dozen eggs, (but they are much better!)
  • I can’t always get everything I want at the market, but I’m learning to compromise.  
  • In the summer, if I don’t watch out I can spend WAY too much money. 

 Goodies from this summer’s market

My goals for this year:

  • This spring I’m going to try and plant more in my tiny, shady, garden.   I want to get lettuces and spinach in early because I always forget! 
  • Also I want to utilize container gardens more so I can take advantage of the sun on my deck.  Worked great for my basils last year and some tomatoes.
  • I want to make more homemade bread and buy virtually no store bought bread.  If I can co-op with my mom we can both benefit.  (Anyone else?)
  • I want to put away more of my herbs, and try to make more things from them. (Shampoo, soap?)
  • Keep up buying at the market and only going to the grocery store for a few things.   
  • My mom has a lovely garden and I’m trying to convince her to register to sell at the organic market this year for extra income.  I need to help her in her garden more!

Mom’s Summer Bounty
(She brought these for us!)

*Thanks to Jen at 11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven for featuring me this week in her “Homemaker Monday” carnival!  I’m so tickled! 🙂   If you haven’t visited her site, check it out here!