Last week…

This past week:

  • Terri and Joel visited! Yay! Miss you already, chica. (Why can I never get pics when you come?)
  • A week for the dentists to take my money. First J and E had dental appointments (including orthodontist for the big one.)
  • M had to be “put under” at Children’s Hospital. He had three crowns and multiple fillings. The dentist pulled two wiggly teeth that were hanging on while he was in there so now he looks like a toothless pirate with all those silver teeth. We had THE BEST anesthesiologist and dentist. With Mastocytosis you have to be very careful what drugs you’re given or you could have many problems (such as a rash, anaphalactic shock, or death…) It was hilarious because we were there from 9am til 5pm, and waiting around most of the time for them to make sure they were going to give him the right meds. While I was consulting with the docs he took some great pics!
Picture of the ceiling in the waiting area
Picture of a tired resident

My little pirate

  • More money disappeared as I bought school supplies for the big 2. I thought I paid taxes for this?
  • I had 2, (yes, 2) “Girl’s Night Outs!” Friday- Book Club with wonderful African food hosted by Christi. Saturday- Recipe/Restaurant Club at Ya Ya’s . I’m working on a blog for that club so I’ll post when I get it up.
  • Saw the latest Harry Potter movie. I wasn’t thrilled. I am a big HP fan and still, not impressed. It was so long, and not enough fantastical fun as in the other movies. (I like moving paintings, funny food, giant animals, etc.) It also made me realize how much J.K. likes J.R.R. And the lake of fire was like Dragonslayer wasn’t it?
  • Today- First day of school for the oldest 2. (noooooooo!)
My 2nd & 7th graders