Henna in my ears…

I bit the bullet and dyed my hair last night. I was trying to NOT color it, but I am so grey now! My hair was orange on the ends where the old henna was coming out and turning red as it did- brown in the middle and white on the roots about four inches down! Ick. Plus- at the Girl Scout fall event on Saturday a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile thought I’d sprayed that colored white hairspray in my hair (THAT is how white headed I am!)

So, this time I didn’t try the cassia obovata like the last. It turns white hair blonde, and didn’t quite look right on me. I used a mixed henna product called Light Mountain Natural. This does look better, but it’s pretty dark. I’m hoping it lightens up in a day or two. It did cover ALL the grey and it’s really soft and healthy.
Maybe I won’t look like such a dork in Disneyworld. W
Well, maybe?