On paint color madness

E wants her room to be a light blue…
(do you know how many light blues there are?)
Her theme is “Anthropologie or reclaimed chic” she says…
We got this light from IKEA on our visit to Dallas
from IKEA
 Then she wants to paint (or get a decal) something like this:

We probably will have to get her a new bed.  Hers is a little big for her room I think, but might work in one of the boys rooms.   My grandpa has an old iron bed that was in my grandma’s room as a child that I might use and repaint white.  The only problem is that it’s 3/4 and not a single bed but I might be able to make it work…

Green Floors?

1930’s Linoleum (2 layers down)– so cool!

Oak Floors under old linoleum!!

I’ve been trying to find a natural product for refinishing the wood floors in the new house.

  • Polyurethane is nasty (chemical-wise has lots of lovely VOC’s) and scratches so badly.   We had the floors in our house now redone ten years ago and they have scratches from roller skates, toy cars, dog claws…
  • The floors under the kitchen floor we tore out are original but worn to a different color/sheen because they weren’t waxed as regularly.  Plus they still have the backing from the 1930’s linoleum on top which needs to be sanded off.  
  • Wax products you can buy have yummy stuff like xylene and cresol unless you can just use beeswax or another European wax (but they are expensive and not as durable as I’d like)

I just found a product called Rubio Monocoat and think it might be the answer I’ve been looking for! It’s made from flax, and has zero VOC’s.  Very safe and is LEED certified. 
We’ll have to sand the floors, (but really need to anyway considering the kitchen and patches from floor furnaces and electrical work,) then just paint this oil on and wipe off excess.  If we use the fast drying one it’s done in a day!  They have lots of colors to choose from but think we will just go with the natural color of the wood.
In the playroom we still have to lay floors (and subfloors.)  Since it’s upstairs we want something that absorbs sounds, and still not certain what we’re going to put there.  I’m leaning towards wood with an underlayment of soundproof material, or cork (also with an underlayment.)  The kids want carpet, but I’m not a fan of the chemicals in carpet or the dust that it collects.  Anyone have ideas?


We’re back! Disney was fun. This fall break the kids have is going to be nice. Great deals on vacations, good weather, small crowds! Now for some shameless pics of my kids…
(All taken with my phone so forgive the bad quality.)

We happened to be there during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, Oktoberfest, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and German Reunification Day which was fun too. (We didn’t make it to the Halloween Party for 2 reasons-

1) It would have been $420 more for us to go.
2) The kids can’t eat any food coloring so candy would have been a problem!

We had loads of fun anyway, and on the last day we went to the parks it was a special fireworks show which was the best I’ve EVER seen. Also Magic Kingdom was open until 1am that night and we actually stayed all day which ended up being really neat. The kids were great, except for maybe two small incidents- not the easiest thing for a severely hypoglycemic kid with sensory issues going into a crowded park- but he only had one melt down. The youngest had his on the plane which lasted a good ten minutes. The worst thing was that we were the ONLY family with kids on that flight! Talk about business people praying they weren’t sitting next to us! He crashed and slept the rest of the way which was good for all.
I am now trying to wade through the laundry. Tonight Emily and I go see “Mamma Mia!” which I’m really looking forward to also!

Decisions, choices, (or the ramblings of my morning brain.)- March 3, 2008

Kitchen Ceiling after first rain- it’s worse now!
I have been debating the move from iWeb to WordPress. I really like how easy iWeb is to use and all that jazz, but don’t want to pay for it! 🙂 I love my friends’ sites on WordPress and might try a little one just to see how it goes. I think I have to pay for this one today!
Someone is walking on my roof. This one actually warned me which was nice. For those of you who haven’t heard- we had some damage from the wind storms about three weeks ago. The flat roof on our kitchen dining area and part of our living room blew off. Then, water gushed in the kitchen (I MEAN GUSHED!) It was like the chandelier was a shower head and the air vents, and the door frame… Lovely mess to say the least. I’ve been fighting to get estimates on everything, and have an insurance check waiting to go if I can ever find someone willing to work on it. Just waiting on the man on the roof nows estimate and then will get going on it this week hopefully. The only good thing I can say about it is that now I can redo the ceiling and lights in the living room, and I am going to go ahead and put in new lights and remove the ugly beams if we can. We have pecky cypress 1/2” thick panelling in there on all walls. We don’t really like it because it’s so rustic and dark, but it is nice wood. Scott wants to remove it and drywall the entire room and add a stone fireplace, but should we? I think I could sell the wood or at the least freecycle it.
This brings me back to my original thought. That is one of Choice. On jury duty last week one young man brought up a good point about life. He said “It all comes down to the choices we make. It might not seem like a big one at the time, but it can change your life.” It is true. Or it was in that case. But not really in the case of wood paneling, drywall, or where to blog. I have so much to be grateful for that my heart is bursting this morning.