Last day of summer (or Nooooo!)

Today is the official last day of summer for my kids! I am so bummed. They start back on Monday and are not happy about it. We spent the day with grandma and cousins downtown- Heifer Project, Arkansas Game and Fish aquarium, Museum of Discovery. Fun for all!
The highlight for the boys was seeing the piranhas devour a frozen mouse. Yummo.
We go to our Open House at school tomorrow and then I guess I’ll decide whether or not to put in the homeschool papers like the kids are begging me for.

Okay! Here we go……

This is my first time attempting to blog- Here we go!

I really love my cousin Kelly’s blog, so I thought I might
give it a go. I used to journal and scrapbook but when you
have three kids (two under the age of 6) your time is
greatly limited!
We have had an extremely busy, but fun holiday season thus far.
Emily was in the Nutcracker with Ballet Arkansas, and we had
practices, shows etc. I am head room mom for both
Em and Max’s classes, so there were parties to plan and execute..
Then, Jac’s birthday is Christmas eve, and we had the usual Christmas
dinner here with a smaller group than usual (14) but still lots of cooking
and such. It was all fun but it’s nice to relax this week (raking, doing laundry,
I really miss having the kids home though, and it is fun to see them playing
again. I think that has been the hardest part for me sending them to school this year.
We were so fortunate to have had them all home together for so long. If we don’t
find a middle school we like it could be we homeschool next year. Only time will tell!
Now for cocoa and jammies!