On Flash Dancing

Have you ever seen a flash mob?
I really hadn’t until Emily was in this one this weekend! 
So much fun! 

The first dancers are all professionals with Ballet Arkansas.   (Make sure you check out their site- some great shows lined up for this season!)  My kids will all three be in the BA Nutcracker again- boys as soldiers and Emily in the flower chorus and Arabian scene.  She’s excited because those are two of her “dream parts.” 

Dancing somehow reminds me of the hummingbirds that have been sucking my feeders dry twice a day lately.   (I know, very random.)  One hummingbird buzzed me at the front door yesterday and told me that no one had fed him.  Quite funny.  Then, another hovered at the back patio door at eye level and puffed up his feathers in disgust.  Telling first the dog, then me that the feeders were empty – bossy little bird. 


We are still housebound. Flu and strep running rampant. That’s what going back to school gets you!

Being stuck in the house is hard for me. The kids have been managing by making forts from all the pillows and blankets in the house. I’m not even trying to pick those up yet! We had pirates in the kitchen and living room yesterday, complete with the music and costumes!

I decided (why?) that it was a great time to redo the boy’s walk-in closet. They share a bedroom and it was a true mess. Stay tuned for before and after photos (hopefully today!)

I’ve been watching the crazy animals in my backyard. The birds and squirrels actually beg now if I let them run out of food. I have one squirrel that will walk up to the window or back door and peer in with little doe eyes to beg! I have lots of hummingbirds already, and scarlet tanagers (which I haven’t had before here.) The hummers aren’t as plentiful as last year yet, but they are steadily increasing. Here’s a clip of last year’s crazy birds.