Obsessing and such…

Okay, I’ll admit. I am totally obsessing over this purge and cleaning of the boy’s closet/room. Today was spent making labels for things and finishing up the room clean.

I found a neat idea on this cute site for making labels for the Closetmaid canvas bins. I ended up using some scrapbook tin label thingys attached with little brads. I think they look nice and I can change them if needed.

Bins all labeled!

I have the boys undies, socks, pjs, and swimsuits in these. Their t-shirts are in the cabinet, their shorts and jeans in drawers. The rest of the clothes hang up. (I got rid of SO MANY clothes- trying to make my life easier.) The “too big” clothes are in large tubs on the top shelves.

Pirates and aliens that invaded the shelves when I wasn’t looking!

My oldest son was so adorable. He came in and said, “Wow, mom. This is so awesome!” The coolest part is the light that my honey installed. It’s motion activated so it turns on when you go in and turns off after a minute or two! (Wish I had them in every room!)

Now I’m anxiously awaiting the donation truck to come on Monday. I have about a whole bedroom full of stuff to give away! Two dressers, three car seats, about four boxes of clothes and two of toys! Maybe I’ll find more before Monday…

Sick Kid Update: We found out that the flu that the kids had was Type A. Even though the kids are better the school told me to keep them home the rest of the week. They are scouring the school this weekend because they’ve had so many cases already.

Makes me a bit angry that:
a) the school didn’t inform parents that the flu was running rampant (or shut it down)
b) The doc didn’t tell me that it was the flu until we went back a second time. They just assumed it was strep only. I kept them home until they were 24 hrs fever-free, but who knows?

On boys and toys…

Here is the boy’s closet before (be prepared, it is BAD…)

And here is AFTER!
The shelves on top aren’t attached yet so not everything is where it will be, but so much better!
I am giving away so much it’s unbelievable.


We are still housebound. Flu and strep running rampant. That’s what going back to school gets you!

Being stuck in the house is hard for me. The kids have been managing by making forts from all the pillows and blankets in the house. I’m not even trying to pick those up yet! We had pirates in the kitchen and living room yesterday, complete with the music and costumes!

I decided (why?) that it was a great time to redo the boy’s walk-in closet. They share a bedroom and it was a true mess. Stay tuned for before and after photos (hopefully today!)

I’ve been watching the crazy animals in my backyard. The birds and squirrels actually beg now if I let them run out of food. I have one squirrel that will walk up to the window or back door and peer in with little doe eyes to beg! I have lots of hummingbirds already, and scarlet tanagers (which I haven’t had before here.) The hummers aren’t as plentiful as last year yet, but they are steadily increasing. Here’s a clip of last year’s crazy birds.