On Progress and Just Stress

Sorry I’ve been missing lately,
life has been crazy.
Let’s see what’s happened since I last posted…
Spring Break (at the lake)
Emily’s 15th and Driver’s Permit
Trenches and walls
Field Trips and Field Day
Max’s 10th
Dance Rehearsals and Recitals
Silent Auctions
My baby’s first (and second) lost tooth
and my back up drive (with all my pictures and music) crashing due to a lovely magnet


and I’m sure much more I’ve forgotten.
I can’t wait til summer and either can the “girls” who have already got their spots by the pool!

“What? You said it was a BIRD bath!”

On My Crazy Life…

I feel like I can breathe now (for a minute anyway…)
Since the last post we’ve had multiple dress rehearsals, 
four birthday parties,  practices, soccer games, two recitals, and school field day 
for two of the munchkins. 
AND- someone on a high speed chase crashed into my yard,
killing three trees and stopping a FOOT from my house.

M and Cole playing in Riverfront Park (Oh, and he turned 9!)

E- Listening at Dress Rehearsal


J- Jumping at Field Day

Why is it that my kids’ social calendar is more full than mine?

On Optimism

“Optimism is an outlook on life such that one maintains a view of the world as a positive place, or one’s personal situation as a positive one. It is the philosophical opposite of pessimism. Optimists generally believe that people and events are inherently good, so that most situations work out in the end for the best.” –from Wikipedia

“Life is Good.
Love is Good.
God is Love.” –Me (sounding like a Bob Marley song or a T-shirt)

My honey was making fun of me the other day for not being aware of a current event that had evidently been plastered all over the news.
“Do you want to be ignorant?” he said while smiling.
“In a way, Yes.” I said.

I made the choice several years ago to surround myself only with happy thoughts. (Think Tinkerbell.)
*Don’t watch the news except for snippets here and there. (I do listen to NPR while driving, and peek at the news on BBC.com or CNN.com once or twice a week. so that I’m not totally ignorant…)
*I try to surround myself with all things positive: music, images, people, etc.
*Try to see the good in every situation.
*Relish every moment.

I DO believe there is more good than bad out there. So, I choose to be ignorant (yet aware) of the dark side. I’m striving to be a better optimist every day.

T.G.I.S. (Thank God It’s Sunday!)

I am tired. Just a point my poor body is trying to make I guess, about me needing more exercise. We had our Girl Scout Thinking Day event yesterday for our service unit (North Little Rock and Sherwood.) For those of you who don’t know, I have been a Girl Scout leader for I guess six years now (about 3 or 4 with this troop.) Cookies Anyone? The girls chose Canada as their country for the event, and really did a great job. We had totem poles, an ice fishing hut, fingerprint animals, 6 foot tall maple tree with a sap bucket, air hockey table, displays, and great food. It’s always fun but really a job. After that six hours we came home and unloaded, and then Scott and the boys came home and wanted to go to the IMAX. It was fun, but I was REALLY happy to sleep in this morning!