Marching for Dimes

Last night we went to the March of Dimes Signature Chefs fundraiser last night. It was my first time at a large fundraiser like this (on the eating side at least) and it was really fun (despite the horrible music selection- seriously we don’t all want to listen to Barbara S. or Celine D. ALL NIGHT!)

There was some yummy stuff by local chefs. Not a lot for people who don’t eat red meat like myself, but still great food. I was most impressed with The Pantry’s spaetzel (I had been wanting to try their food and now will definitely go!)
This event really made me think about things. Okay, maybe I’ve been thinking about them already this week, but this really emphasized things. About babies, and fertility, and loss.
Thanksgiving is a bittersweet holiday for me. For four years in a row I lost a pregnancy at Thanksgiving. All at about four months. The pain was so real and deep I still have trouble thinking about it. Then I see the gorgeous kids I have and know there must have been some reason for it. That I so appreciate my “babies” even more and how awesome they are.
I’ve had so many friends and family members lose babies at birth, or almost lose them.
My mother, grandmother, my aunt, my cousins, my friends.
Life is so precious.
Support the March of Dimes if you can.