On Quiet Houses

Today is the first day of school! 
 My 3rd, 8th, and Kindergartner
I spent all night making a nap mat cover for Mr. Jac.
I didn’t use a pattern, just sort of winged it from the nap mat my mom had made me in kindergarten (yeah, I still have it.)  I put two stretchy circles of fabric on the end to tie it all up with, and Em made the pillow.  I was happy to use the fancy star stitches my machine can do around the blanket. Fun!

All Rolled Up

Alien on the Blanket

All my kids are in school this year,  and Cole and I don’t know what to do.  

He wouldn’t stop barking when Jac was getting his clothes on like he was saying,  “You can’t make HIM go too, it was bad enough when just the two big ones went!” My reluctant kindergartner was fine until I said “bye” in the classroom.  I haven’t had a call yet, so wish us luck.
The house is too quiet.