Halloween Horrors

I have to admit, I am SCARED about Halloween (always) since I found out about my kids’ food sensitivities.
Trick-or-Treating when you can’t have food dyes is a nightmare!
School parties are horrific- people send red or orange punch, colored cupcakes, bags and bags of nasty red and black candy. Not fun. Having three little sugar fiends who try and hide whatever “bad” candy that they manage to get without mom’s knowledge is not fun either. (Well, the insane reactions and rashes afterwards aren’t anyway.) If you didn’t know it already, Red 40, Yellow 5, and many others aren’t even allowed in some countries in Europe as they are not as safe as the FDA wishes us to believe. We just found out that most marshmallows have suddenly started putting Blue 1 in them, which is a big problem for kid #2. Great, now I have to make marshmallows too?

My oldest son (AKA kid#2) went to a birthday party a few weeks ago and had gotten a “goodie” bag filled with candy that he can’t have without my knowledge. He hid it under his bed and was steadily sneaking it. I couldn’t figure out why he was acting absolutely INSANE, not listening, jumping all around, screaming… Well, needless to say daddy found it and solved the mystery.

I’m taking a preemptive approach this year,
I’m pre-ordering candy (AWESOME & INTERESTING CANDY) from The Natural Candy Store.
(And, NO, I don’t get freebees or even acknowledgment for mentioning this.)

We’ve ordered once or twice before from them (candy canes at Christmas!) but I’ve never thought enough ahead to order Halloween goodies. (Dang, these kids get expensive!)

Are these not the cutest lolipops?
They even have sprinkles for sugar cookies and cupcakes!

Maybe the monsters will only be the ones in costume this year!