On the Rush

What a busy few weeks…
Nutcracker week and one more show to go!
If you are in LR make sure to come see the last show at 2:00 PM today!

My tiny cannon soldiers are the 3rd and 4th from left

Old Statehouse

Lights Downtown  
I have two cannon soldiers, an Arabian girl, and flower in the show this year! 
  Also downtown today is the AR Craft Guild’s show at the Statehouse convention center. 
Lots of great deals on beautiful things by Arkansas artists. 
 If you say you’re a FB fan they will give you a free ticket to get in the art show. 
Helping his dad with French Drains
 Off stage we are trying to get the house done so we can move in this week… 
Wish us luck! 

On Nutcracker Withdrawl

Nutcracker Season 2011 is officially over.  
It’s strange not having to be at rehearsals.  
Ballet Arkansas did a fantastic job this year!  
Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince (by Stacy Kinzler Photography)
My 3 cuties were:  J- trumpeter angel, M- cannon soldier and one of the dragon’s feet, E- lead rat and lead angel (she changed it to angel and mouse sitter because she lead the tiny mice and angels out on stage and around!  They were so precious!)  
My rat scaring Clara
My little cannon soldier (photo by Paul Henry)
Mine is the trumpeter on the right and E is big angel in middle

My angel (behind the pretty Sugar Plum Fairy)
One of the tiny feet is Max

On Nutty Fun

Nutcracker is in full swing this week.   
Performances are this weekend (10th and 11th.)
We had the cast party for Ballet Arkansas and the kids this past Saturday.
 Mom, Emily and I made 11 dozen cupcakes!  
Set up in Studio (can’t see the royal mice very well but they are peeking out!)
Snowflakes and Flowers

   We tried to do something from each scene in the Nutcracker.  Ended up with Gumdrops for Land of Sweets, Flowers, Snow, Dragon (from Chinese Tea because Max is in the dragon this year,) Soldiers, and some fondant mice and royal mice.

Fondant Snowflakes with Sprinkle Snow

Fondant Flowers with Sugar snow

Soldiers, Nutcracker, Flowers, Dragon

Dragon’s Head (by Emily)

Soldier with Blue Disco Dust

Nutcracker Blues

Whew! Our 6th Nutcracker season is officially over!

This year all three of my munchkins were in the show so we have been BUSY! 
It’s always a bittersweet thing when it’s done…
Happy we don’t have anything but ballet on Saturdays now and no more practices,

Overjoyed watching the process and the beautiful ballet (great job to all dancers!)
Glad I made it through without strangling any children or their parents (came close a few times,)
Sad that I won’t see some friends until next August at try-outs (if we are all that brave again.)

I must say I enjoyed this year’s production so much (and not just because my kids were all adorable!)  Ballet Arkansas and the young dancers were all so brilliant.  I tried to not watch rehearsals this year and was glad because I was surprised and thrilled when I got to see the whole ballet.

My Party Boy
“Hark!” The herald angel

                                                       My feet hurt but my heart is full!

Nutcracker Mania

This is crazy week in our house.

The Nutcracker is this week, and both oldest boy and girl are in it this year.
We have been so busy with practices (OK, they have and I have been busy being a chauffeur/bench warmer.) Yesterday was “move in” day to the theater and
their first time on stage this year.
I was worried about my anxious little guy, but he did great! I didn’t get to see my little soldier dance because her practice didn’t end til 9! I took the boys home about 815 or so…
Dress rehearsal tomorrow- productions on Thurs through Sunday! Whew!
Oh, and did I mention E’s science fair paper is due on Monday? (And her finals are next week.)
I want to have a cookie exchange party. I’ve never had one and not quite sure how it works. Anyone?
Trying to clean and decorate.
Blogging instead…

Happy Holidays!