Spring Break (Part 1) or On Painting

Spring Break has come and gone…

Here is a breakdown of last week-

Part 1:
We tried to get old house packed out and ready to sell and paint living room and hall at our new house and hang pictures.  (Half accomplished anyway, still a lot to do!)
I’ve struggled with paint colors so much at this house- plaster makes everything look different when you get paint on the wall.
With lots of help I settled on:

Sage Tint by Benjamin Moore for living room 
(on walls it looks almost like a robin’s egg blue)

Amulet by Benjamin Moore for hallway/stairs
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

We managed to squeeze in a quick day trip to Bentonville to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit at Crystal Bridges.  I have always been a Rockwell fan, and this was the exhibit to end all- I think all of my favorites were there.  Seeing the brushstrokes and sketches really makes you understand the complexity of the paintings.  It was absolutely amazing.

Maybe my favorite?
Or This?
Max’s fave

Artistic kids (My fave)

My mom brought my niece and nephews, and my aunt and grandpa met us there for a fun day.

Coming home we stopped in Eureka Springs for dinner at DeVito’s! 

What is your favorite Norman Rockwell painting? 
Not sure?  Go see the exhibit at Crystal Bridges and let me know! 🙂

More Kitchen Progress

And then there were cabinets!
Breakfast Nook- Hutch
Breakfast nook bench
Stove Cabinets

Fridge Cabinets

Cookie Sheet Cabinet- Love the Cute Feet!

On paint color madness

E wants her room to be a light blue…
(do you know how many light blues there are?)
Her theme is “Anthropologie or reclaimed chic” she says…
We got this light from IKEA on our visit to Dallas
from IKEA
 Then she wants to paint (or get a decal) something like this:

We probably will have to get her a new bed.  Hers is a little big for her room I think, but might work in one of the boys rooms.   My grandpa has an old iron bed that was in my grandma’s room as a child that I might use and repaint white.  The only problem is that it’s 3/4 and not a single bed but I might be able to make it work…