Snow Days and Sewing Stuff

View up the street

The kids were so happy to finally have a “snow day” yesterday.  We had about 2 or 3 inches of sleet then last night had some snow start and got maybe an inch.  Talk about happy kids!  I don’t think we had any last year.   Haven’t had much for five years I know- the year Jac was born.
Don’t get me wrong, I like snow, but am SOOO glad I don’t live somewhere cold where we’d have it everyday.   I couldn’t handle the wet little feet prints and 20 pairs of socks from changing every time they go in/out all the time.
My dog especially loves it and wanted to spend the entire night in the snow!  Nut.

Our dog Cole and his buddy Bucky
Crazy Cold-Toed Kid

Yesterday I took advantage of my homebound boredom (and small burst of energy) and broke out my new sewing machine!
I have been wanting to make the boys a closet door/ puppet theater since I took off their closet door.  (They kept banging it against their other door and making huge dents in it.)  I saw this great one in Pottery Barn Kids book Kid’s Rooms awhile ago and have had the page bookmarked!  I used a curtain I’d gotten on sale at Land’s End for $4 made of navy canvas and cut it in half and used the second half for bits and pieces I needed. 

  Pottery Barn’s Version
My version

I have to get a curtain rod still (thinking an expandable spring rod,)  but this is what I came up with!  The boys want me to applique some things on it, we’ll see! 

Inside Pocket for Finger Puppets