On Flash Dancing

Have you ever seen a flash mob?
I really hadn’t until Emily was in this one this weekend! 
So much fun! 

The first dancers are all professionals with Ballet Arkansas.   (Make sure you check out their site- some great shows lined up for this season!)  My kids will all three be in the BA Nutcracker again- boys as soldiers and Emily in the flower chorus and Arabian scene.  She’s excited because those are two of her “dream parts.” 

Dancing somehow reminds me of the hummingbirds that have been sucking my feeders dry twice a day lately.   (I know, very random.)  One hummingbird buzzed me at the front door yesterday and told me that no one had fed him.  Quite funny.  Then, another hovered at the back patio door at eye level and puffed up his feathers in disgust.  Telling first the dog, then me that the feeders were empty – bossy little bird. 

On the Smallness of the World and Memories

Yesterday I went to help my mom with an estate sale for awhile.  The random job I was given was to sort through a box of CD’s that someone had deemed “unworthy” of selling.  Looking through them I found it was a cool eclectic collection. The lady’s grandson is a musician and had some live recordings of bands he’d opened for as well as other CD’s I’d had or have.  The Pixies, Love & Rockets,  Lenny Kravitz, Ray Charles, Brazilian tunes…
Memories of high school cruising, kisses in college…

And then-
I see a face I hadn’t seen in years staring back at me from a CD cover. 
My friend, Peggy…
holding a plate of porkchops…
“Chuletas” the caption says.
A gift of music she’d made for someone? 

Peggy passed away several years ago after a long and hard fight with cancer.    Memories of her came flooding back like an unexpected gift.
-Meeting her for the first time at the library, both of us pregnant and large, hearing her speak Spanish to her daughter… I answered her and there was an instant connection of kids and women that didn’t fit the Southern Belle mold
-Her seeing my music lists and saying “Oh, we are alike.”  She was funny like that. 
-Playing at the Rivermarket with the kids, talking about the strange thing that was Little Rock at the time
-Talking about troubles in my garage
-Her funeral- the church packed with so many people that not everyone could sit down…

I bought the CD.
Haven’t listened to it yet…