Waiting for “Superman”

Last night we went to a screening for “Waiting for ‘Superman'” 
a new documentary on public schools in the United States.  

My kids have gone to two charter schools and two magnet schools.  (They now all go to a fabulous charter school.)  We are lucky that in our area we have choices (even though I didn’t feel like our local school was one of those.)  I think the main point of the movie was that we need to become active in fixing this problem (volunteer, campaign, donate, get informed.)   

Fantastic movie.  I really encourage everyone even slightly interested in education to go see it.
Opens tomorrow most places! 

Just do it.  
Don’t wait for Superman!

Green School

I just stumbled upon this site for a school in Bali. It’s called Greenschool.
Surfing lesson, paper making, and drum circle for extracurriculars!
I am in love.
So wish we had something like this here…
My kids would jump up out of bed to go to school.

February Blues..- February 7th, 2008

I’m not sure if it’s the February Blues or just Spring Fever… We have been passing bugs around here it seems.  I had a nasty stomach bug on Tuesday and still feeling weak.  Emily and Scott had it last week, and my niece and nephew came down with it at our Super Bowl “party” last Sunday.   Then yesterday the baby and my sis and law got it! Yik.  I hope we’ve seen the last of it!   That on top of the busy schedule that this next few weeks is bringing just has gotten me down and I really am not usually like this!  Let’s see-   We have a 100’s day celebration at school tomorrow, had Staff Appreciation birthday gifts on Monday (THANK YOU MOM!,) trying to finish translating a website for Scott’s work, potty training a 3 yr old (YES, 3 YR OLD!) and 4 month old puppy, Thinking Day booth to plan for Saturday, cake to bake, Powder Puff Derby cars to build, Chinese New Year party at school on Tuesday, Valentine’s day parties in both kids room’s next week… I’m sure I’m forgetting something. I told myself I would have so much more free time this year since the kids would be in school, but somehow the opposite has happened.  I have tried not to take on as much, but I think I’ve failed at that for the semester.  Anyone else NOT have this problem?  How can we avoid it?  I keep thinking about next year and the probability that I’ll have kids in 2 (or 3) schools is making me go crazy.   We’re having to apply for MIDDLE SCHOOLS for Emily this week and I am terrified!  My baby girl is going to 6th grade next year!  We have choices in Central AR, but which one is right?  We looked at our neighborhood (city) school, Poplar Street– which is where all 6th graders in NLR go.  I think most of Emily’s friends from town are going there, but I just don’t get the warm and fuzzies from it.  We looked at Horace Mann, an arts and science Magnet in LRSD, which is neat but so big.  Also, if she gets chosen for the Arts side she can’t take the science classes and she likes both.  We also looked at LISA academy, a charter school, which is very nice but seems very academic, (a mini MIT as I describe it) and not sure if that is right for her and her creative self.  And also at Academics Plus Charter school in Maumelle.   In the end I’ve put in a lottery application for all and will just see where that takes us.  We have talked about homeschooling too, so our options are open.  It is just so scary to think of your baby girl in a school with big 8th grade boys!   We’ve had such a wonderful year at Gibbs so far.  I really wasn’t sure how school would be for us after being at home but it has been great.  Everyone there really cares about the kids.   Well, I guess I’ve moaned and groaned enough for awhile!  (SORRY!)  It is a sunny, gorgeously chilly day outside and maybe Jac and I will walk the pup! 🙂