Sick kids and rainy days…

I feel like I’ve moved to Seattle. The rain has been over us a few days now and in the bathroom I hear a drip- drip- drip. At least the roof is leaking over the bathtub.
The weather is honestly lovely though.
So cool, everything is green in deep summer in the south.
A true oddity.
My gutters (which I meant to clean out this spring) are overflowing. The rain barrel is so full. (I do need at least three more.)

The kids have been sick pretty much all week. This dumb fever, cough, headache junk. The fevers aren’t high enough to call the doctor, but they won’t break for 24 hrs so they can go back to school!

So, they are playing “Dinos” and watching Dinotopia (the longest movie ever.)
What kind of dino am I?