On Dreaming of Spring

It’s the simple things that make me really happy,
like a burst of yellow on a sunny day…
 A bouquet found,
 Rolls hot from the oven,

Or a smiling hen.
Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition
Come on and join the fun!  This week’s challenge was “yellow/Easter.”

Coming up for air/sun

We have had some fun weather lately in Arkansas…
I think it’s rained for a few weeks straight, and I’ve never heard tornado sirens go off so much in the entire time I’ve lived here.  
Pretty scary.  
Several ancient oaks in our neighborhood were ripped from their roots or struck by lightning.
With all the devastation around us I feel so fortunate that the only damage 
we’ve had is a few leaky spots in the roof from hail and wind damage.  
Is that the sun?
 J’s last soccer game was played by the river (never seen it so high) with half of the fields totally flooded.  He said “Mom, look at those geese playing water soccer.”  We saw a boathouse and half a car going down the river, as well as a HUGE tree. Many schools in the county are still closed because roads are submerged.  
Yesterday was gorgeous.
The Old Statehouse (from our killing time walk during last night’s rehearsals)
Today is too. 
I am enjoying it while I can!

Happy Spring

“On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer.”by Douglas Horton

On Sunshine Theory…

I believe in sunshine therapy…

Grass I wish was mine

Pretty Blossoms

Violas in my Flowerbed
Clover in my yard
Happy Buddha watches them grow


My Azaleas


Twin Dogwoods in the Neighborhood
 Iris Laughing

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