Rooty, Tooty, Fresh and Fruity

Been a busy few days…

Friday was the big two’s last day of school. Both kids “graduated” with straight A’s! I picked them up early from school and we rode the trolley to the Rivermarket for lunch. Then, we walked around to the library and registered for their summer reading program. Scored some tickets to a Travs game! Then we realized we were all hot and tired so went to wait on the trolley to take us back across the river to Dog Town. On the assent of the river bridge we heard a huge clap of thunder, my phone rang and my mom said “Where are you? You guys need to get home!” I look out the west window and the darkest cloud I’ve EVER seen is coming up the river in a low, straight line. The trolley driver was nervous, trying to play it off but said he’d be stopping the trolley in a few stops for a bit. We got out on Main Street where I’d parked the car to a sky opening up on us. I’ve never seen the rain come like that. It was like a sandstorm was coming up the street- but it was rain pelting us harder than any tropical storm I’ve witnessed. We had about 15 ft to the car and the kids were being blown so hard I had to make us all hold hands to get there! Crazy.

This is what the cloud looked like! I was too scared to get a picture so imagine this from the view of the River Bridge coming up the river…

Saturday and Sunday were two picnics (one office, one Cub Scouts,) and a party.

Today we drove to Cox’s Berry Farm in Clarksville to pick a little summer joy. Strawberries were at the end, blueberries at their peak, and peaches just starting!
Home for a dip in the pool to try and kill any chiggers or other bugs that managed to crawl up our legs at the farm.

Bumblebee on a Passionflower

Yummy Blueberries