DNA cookies

My daughter wanted me to make cookies for her biology class party and this is what we came up with…

DNA Cookies

I used this same recipe for sugar cookies.  (I used unbleached cane sugar instead of white sugar in the cookies.)  I ended up making royal icing because I was afraid a regular soft icing would not last in the heat and transport.  Hope they like them!

Easter Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies we made for Easter

 For Easter we made some sugar cookies to take to my in-laws.  I used a cookie recipe my daughter found for me online, from AllRecipes, which really worked well.  I cooked them a little too long on a few of the batches (see the dark edges?)
I had some fondant from a past project, and rolled it out and cut it to go on the cookies, then we dusted some with sparkly sugar (natural food colorings.)  Came out pretty cute (cuter than my bad pictures…)  I had some that looked like bunnies and those were really cute but the kids ate them before I got a picture!

Who said Brown Eggs Can’t be Pretty?