100th post! (Gratitude 3 too)

Wow, I just noticed this will be my 100th post!
Trying to make this count for my Day 3 of the Gratitude Challenge (I am so slow.)
“Things I am Grateful For Today”

Teams practicing before the game

I am grateful for a wonderful weekend with my honey (alone!)

We are home from a trip to Oxford, MS via Tunica. Had a great time even if the Hogs didn’t win.
Oxford is a beautiful campus town. Looks like it was taken right out of a Southern Living photo shoot. Gorgeous!

This game was played up big because Ole Miss’ head coach, Houston Nutt, was UA’s coach for a long while. I saw this on a shirt at the game:

Arkansas= Mounds
Ole Miss= Almond Joy

(Sometimes you feel like a NUTT, sometimes you don’t!)

Scott and I both went to University of Arkansas, met our second semester of college. We haven’t been to a football game since we were up there so this was different. Let’s say they are WAY more over the top than they were in our day. When we were in college there they weren’t the greatest of football teams and not many fans went to games (students anyway.) Now the stadiums are huge, full, and the scoreboards are amazing. Ole Miss played much better than we did, unfortunately for us. (30-17) They had an amazing quarterback.

We met up with a bunch of Scott’s work buddies and their spouses and had a great time in Tunica!

Blue & White Cafe

Scott’s Chicken Fried Steak at the Blue and White Cafe in Tunica, MS

My Veggies and Soup! (Brussel sprouts, fried pickles, fried green tomatoes)

Cotton along the old highway

Grateful For:
A gorgeous, sunny weekend
Time alone with my best friend
Southern cooking
A fun weekend seeing this gorgeous country
Fun time with friends
Parents who will watch our kids on occasion!

Gratititude Challenge! (Day 2)

Gratitude ABC’s

A: A loving family
B: beaches
C: Chocolate and Coffee
D: Dogs
E: Evening walks and Emily (my kiddo)
F: Friends who know me and still like me!
G: (fried) green tomatoes
H: my husband
I: Ice Cream
J: jammies and hot cocoa
K: my Kids
L: Lemons and limes
M: music
N: Nature
O: Olive oil (the good stuff!)
P: people who smile for no reason
Q: quiet moments
R: rain
S: sunshine
T: Trees
U: understanding
V: vacations
W: washing machines (can you imagine life without them?)
X: x-rays that show nothing’s wrong
Y: you!
Z: zippers

Gratititude Challenge! (Day 1)

I’m joining The Gratitude Challenge.
21 Days of looking on the brighter side of life!

Come join in the fun!

I accepted this challenge because I am always saying I’m an optimist, but end up sounding more like a pessimist half the time! Maybe this will change my vocabulary!