Wedding Dresses and Such…

My cousin, Kelly, had a “Tag, You’re It” thing today on her blog to show your wedding dress.
I usually don’t do this sort of thing, but since it’s almost our anniversary I thought it might be fun!

This is a picture from our wedding (17 Years Ago on August 2nd!) with Scott’s grandparents, and one set of mine. The other set (Martin grandparents) had gone on to the reception I think.
(This isn’t the best picture, but my scanner is on the blink at the moment and I’m anxiously awaiting the new one that Scott bought yesterday.)

Here is the missing set of grandparents with my cousins (Chris, Kelly, Molly, Jackson) and my brother.

We didn’t have a professional photographer… Well, funny story there. My grandma had suggested a friend of hers that was a “professional photographer.” We were 21 and trying to save mom some money so we thought that sounded great. After the wedding he ran off to the reception and we didn’t actually have anyone to take pictures! So, all the pictures we have of the wedding are from friends who were kind enough to send copies. Moral of that story is HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!
I loved my dress, it was a poofy tulle skirt with a beaded bodice. It wasn’t expensive, and I definitely wouldn’t pick it if I was getting married now, but it was perfect. My veil was made in Panamá. It is tembleque (a Panamanian traditional hair ornament made from corvina scales and pearls) that we had sewn into a veil.
I can’t believe Scott and I have been married almost 17 years! I am the luckiest lady to have him for a partner and best friend!