Almost Wordless Wednesday

5th grade field trips-
Our Beautiful State Capitol

Cute Old Gas Station Next to Central High School

Kids Listening @ Central High Museum
 Ballet Fundraiser and Recitals
Flower Arrangements @ Ballet AR’s “Turning Pointe” fundraiser
Dove Family Saying “Thank You”

*The baby dove that the boys rescued was fed by his parents under our watchful eyes. 
The other day my husband called me out to show me the whole dove family sitting on the wire.
I just know that they were thanking us! 

On Kitchen Progress (Wordless Wednesdays)

Kitchen after tear-out- ready for new wall

My attempt at patching or “Don’t Do This”
My Honey- After 12 hrs of Hard Labor  

New Cabinets Waiting in LR

Some New Cabinets Wait in Kitchen

And YES, I know it’s Thursday- not Wednesday… (My internet was wacky yesterday so I couldn’t post.) 
I’m trying to finalize my paint colors now.  Who knew that it was so hard to pick a white color?
The cabinetmaker (HomeWorks of AR) has been working hard all week.  All cabinets are installed and he’s just leveling and putting up trim now.  I’ll post more pictures tomorrow of the progress!
Off to Arkansas Women Blogger’s Unplugged Retreat tomorrow!  I can’t wait!

On Fun in the Sun- Wordless Wednesdays

Yes,  It’s really HOT!
Spoonbill at the Zoo (They NEVER come down this low!)

Elephant Showing Off at the Circus Pre-Show

Clowning Around at the Circus

Boys Ready for the AR Miracle Chasers Kids’ Triathalon

Hot and Tired Boy

In the Good-ole Summer Time

Yes, It’s HOT in Arkansas!
Watermelon! (My grandpa on Father’s day)
Emily- not sharing
Ready for the Hunger Games?

Tap Camp (My dancing queen on left)

Cute (Uninvited) Dinner Guest on our Date Night and yes, he did jump in my lap