This is one of those recipes that takes me back to my childhood…
Here is my recipe using dried flowers (because, I am in Arkansas and can’t get fresh ones!)

Saril, is the calyx of the hibiscus flower.  You can find dried ones at most Mexican or Latin American grocery stores.  In Mexico they are called “Jamaica” flowers because the drink originates from Jamaica.  (Well, technically it comes from tropical Africa…)

When it’s boiled you get a lovely deep red drink (similar to a Kool Aid punch) which actually is very good for you.  As a kid, I was told by my baby-sitters that it was good for your liver and iron and would keep you from getting colds.  Unlike other concoctions I didn’t mind drinking this because it was very, very, yummy. 

The truth?

Hibiscus tea, Chica de Saril, Jamaica, Sorrell Punch, Hibiscus punch… whatever you call it
Lower cholesterol,
Lower blood pressure,
Help sugar levels,
Boost immune system
and aid in weight loss!

*Now, with all the sugar in it I’m not sure how much of a help it can be in lowering blood sugar…