The start of the hunt (slightly muddy eggs)

We just had an amazing egg hunt!  (Yes, I know it’s November, let me explain…)
Our chickens have been acting strangely. 
We couldn’t find the girls last night and searched the yard (and neighborhood) high and low.
No sign.  I thought they were in a pot or cat’s belly somewhere.
This morning they all wandered out around 10 AM.  They had been hiding under the deck!  (We have a HUGE deck.)
Dinner, the sweetest chicken, was not coming out but for a minute or two to eat and I thought maybe she’d been injured by a cat or some other creature…


When we went hunting for her tonight (to put her up in the coop) I found her in the smallest part of the deck (about 6 inches from the ground.)  She was sitting on a “nest” of eggs and she pecked at me when I went to chase her off.
Uh oh- a broody girl!

When I managed to chase her off Scott went to reach for the egg she had been sitting on.
Hubby: “Um, babe?”
Me:  “Yeah?”
Hubby:   “She doesn’t just have one egg…”
Me:  “Oh?  How many?”
Hubby (laughing):  “Get me a BIG basket.”

Before washing and testing

The Grand Total?
81 EGGS!
After washing them assembly-line style twice, and testing them 2-3 times by independent judges (me and the kids) we ended up with 44 GOOD ones!  Oh me.

After, only part of the find

And I accused the chickens of being lazy.