I like to make my own doggy food. 

  My dog is quite large due to his bad habit of swiping the kids food when they aren’t looking,
  food for fat pups is quite expensive.
  I know what is in it and can modify it according to his needs (ie Low-Fat)

What I end up doing when I can is something like the recipe below…
(You can use whatever you have in your fridge or freezer, or meat that you get on sale at the grocery store also and it works great.)

 Doggie Risotto

  1. Cook 2-3 cups of rice according to directions.  (I normally use brown rice but had some risotto/arborio that needed to be gone from my cupboards.) 
  2. Brown meat in large pot.  (I used 5 lbs of turkey meat that I got on sale.  Also added some cutlets that I had in the freezer that had slight freezer burn.)
  3. To cooked meat add a bag or so of frozen veggies or odds and ends of veggies from fridge you need to get rid of.  (I like to use the pea/carrot/bean/corn mix that comes frozen in a bag when it’s on sale for about $1.)
  4. Mix the cooked rice to the meat mixture and stir.  
  5. At this point if you need to add a little water to make it sticky do so, or you can add broth.  (I actually used a jar of turkey gravy that I didn’t want to eat.) 
  6. Stir and cool.  
  7. Store in fridge and serve OR make into patties and freeze.  

My dog LOVES this recipe and it’s much healthier than the dog food I normally buy.  (Have you READ the labels on the dog food cans and bags?)