We decided to take a day trip to Mountain View on Sunday…
(We really wanted to stay the night but after calling everywhere realized planning a Labor Day trip isn’t possible on Labor day weekend!)
the weather was gorgeous.   It’s been over 100 here for so long, and then
suddenly I think it was about 70 (maybe cooler.)  Lovely and sunny.
Mountain View is about 2 1/2 hours from North Little Rock, and it’s a beautiful scenic drive.
First we went to Blanchard Springs Caverns.  We went on the longer tour, which I haven’t been on since Scott and I were dating.   (They close that trail when it rains a lot or in the fall/winter when the bats are hibernating.)    It was a fantastic tour, I enjoyed it much more than the Dripstone Tour we usually get to take.   My oldest now wants to do the Wild Cave tour!  (She might have to do that one with her grandma, as I am a bit claustrophobic.)
My phone doesn’t take good cave pics!
After the caves we wandered down into the park to the springs.  It was very crowded due to Labor Day weekend and a wedding, so we didn’t stay long.  *Note: with your cave tickets you get access to the picnic area, swimming hole, and springs for the day!
Horseback riding was next on the agenda.  I had a horse that was due for retirement in a day, and I think she knew it.  She was just not into the ride! 🙂  There were wild boar and deer on the trail!
We tried to make it in time to visit the Ozark Folk Center, but would have had only 30 minutes for that.  Next time.  There is a new ropes course on the grounds of the Folk Center called Locoropes.  We did manage to squeeze in time for some of that…
Emily Almost to the Top
All the kids (even my man and mom-in-law) made it up the rock walls and down the zip line.   I was really proud of Max because he is afraid of heights but managed to make it down the zip line!  There was an awesome agility/tree course that scared me to look at.  You go from tree to tree on these swings, bridges, ladders… Very cool.  I know we’ll be back up there. 
Jac- Zipping
Sharon on the Zip Line
Can you find Max?
 After that adventure we were starved and had to go to our favorite pizza joint in all of Arkansas, Tommy’s Famous Pizza.  We have made special drives the 2 1/2 hours just for their pizza.  
Yes, it’s that good.   (Make sure you take cash though, Tommy’s doesn’t take plastic!)  

Kids and Their Gran-Gran
After dinner we strolled over to the town square to listen to music.  Mountain View is famous for it’s music jams on the weekends.  There are little gazebos and stages everywhere with people just setting up and jamming all night.  Bluegrass, gospel, folk, country…  
And, in case you didn’t get enough pizza there are snack places open all night!  
Nighttime Fun in Mt. View

A wonderful Sunday!