On Quick Trips

We ran to Dallas this past weekend-
Sort of a last minute mini-summer vacation for the boys
(who start back to school on Monday!)
Jac’s request- Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe
Whappin’ Mon?

Max’s Request- Lego Discovery Center

Boys in Heaven
We also got to visit with my family and some dear friends.  
(And fulfill mom’s request- IKEA!)
Summer will be gone much too soon.

On a Girl’s Road Trip

Weekend before last my girl and I went on a fast and furious trip to Dallas.
She had an audition for an ABT summer dance intensive and we thought we’d just make a “girl’s trip” out of it!  (We had never been on a trip without the boys!)
We stopped by my grandma’s before checking into our hotel and had a fast but nice visit with Grandma, my aunt and uncle and “little” cousin.   I gauge the age of my marriage by how old he is because he learned to walk at our wedding!  Let’s just say he’s mid-way through college and a handsome fellow so I remembered our 20th anniversary is coming up this year…

Emily and my idea of a good time always involves really good food so we went to Zorba’s, our favorite Greek restaurant, and had a truly marvelous meal.  I might have embarrassed Emily a bit when I asked the waiter how to say avgolemono a few times.  Divine soup it is.  We topped it off by getting some baklava to take back to the hotel for breakfast!

Greek Heaven

Before the auditions we walked a mall to work off some nervous energy, and then had to head to Coppell.  It was a great studio.  There were so many trying out (including several of her friends from here) that they ended up starting an hour late so we didn’t get out until five.  On the way home we found another great restaurant called Tiramisu’s in Coppell.  Great food and we had the place to ourselves. Then it was on the road again for home.  (Only a five hour drive home…) 

It was our first “girl’s only” trip and it was so much fun to do what we wanted to.  Hope to take a longer one soon!  NYC maybe? 

On Going to the Big D (and I do mean Dallas)

Mom and I drove from Hot Springs and camping last Thursday to Dallas.
Boys Love Maps

We got to visit with my grandma, aunt and uncle, and sweet cousins…

Making friends with “cousin kitty” Rosie
Hang out with friends at the mall,
Explore to the Dallas World Aquarium,


Ride the DART to Fair Park to see a few dinosaurs,

I got to cash in on my Christmas present from my sexy-man…
I got to hear (and see) 
Juanes (five rows back from the stage!)

Video taken by my honeyCamisa Negra by Juanes

I chalk it up to the best concert I’ve seen since James Taylor.
(And my man gets major props for being brave enough to let me see this Colombiano hearthrob in person…)

& then on the drive home a stop at IKEA for breakfast!
(Again, I had no camera with me so “Gracias” to mami and Scott for the pics.)

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity Jog, we’re home!  We had a fun Spring Break in San Antonio.  Left last Saturday via Amtrak (2 sleeper cars for my gang) and spent the day on the train to San Antonio.  It was fun, and the kids had fun I think riding the rails.   I got a bit ill when we finally arrived until I got my “sea legs” or “rail legs” I suppose… The ride back I remembered the Dramamine and have been fine.  

We stayed at a great place for families, the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa.  They had a lazy river and beach for the kids, free bikes to ride on the nature trails, great food… a place that makes it hard to come back to reality! 
It was so nice we really didn’t want to get out and do much of anything else, but did manage to see Sea World, the Alamo, Riverwalk,  Witte Museum, two movies, the San Antonio Zoo…  
The kids loved seeing their cousins (me too!)  

We got in last night at 1120 PM.  My uncle Jimmy watched the house and pup so well I don’t know if Cole will like us anymore!  (Thanks Jimmy!)