On the Playroom-Before & Almost After

The last, major (indoor) project was the playroom…
I don’t know if you remember what it looked like,
but when we bought the house it had a paper like wallboard
in an unfinished attic space. 
We framed and drywalled, 
put down a cork floor,
 and got this:

 Then the cabinet maker (HomeWorks of AR-Dwight Johnson)
worked his magic…


You have to forgive my camera, it’s on it’s last legs!
I’m working on arranging things and touching up paint now.
The color on the walls is Urban Putty (Sherwin Williams) My go-to neutral.
 I plan on making a gallery with magnetic chalkboard paint
down the hall and will post pictures when I’m done!
 I don’t really like the way it looks in hall
area so probably going to change that color when I do the magnetic paint.
What color to do…

On Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

Being foodies most of our NYC trip
 revolved around a particular place we wanted to eat, 
or something we wanted to try…
Just some of the great places we ate…
Katz’s deli (A classic with a great staff)
Sugar and Plumm (Super cute!)
Junior’s (Way too busy but pretty good cheesecake)
Osteria Laguna (FANTASTIC! I’ll have dreams about this food)
and lots of other good stuff!  
I have to say I was disappointed in most of the bakeries we tried- 
just really commercial and not old school like I expected.  
(What’s up with the macaroon fad anyway? Guess it’s the “new cupcake?”)
Also I was really surprised that we couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee anywhere!  
But the rest of the food (and service) was pretty much AMAZINGl! 

Papaya Love

When we can get fresh (good) papaya I go a bit nuts.
I think I’m eating two papayas a week
mainly making these yummies…

Papaya Smoothies

Chopped papaya (I usually use about 1-2 cups of papaya)
Ice Cubes (also 1-2 cups)
Milk (just enough to cover ice and papaya)
(and sometimes I add a bit of honey if papaya’s not really sweet)
Sometimes I’ll add a Tablespoon or two of Greek Yogurt

Blend until good and frothy!

On Cookie Transport

The boys went to the lake this past weekend 
and I thought of a new way 
to carry cookies!

1.  Make cookies!  (These were Snickerdoodles, a good traveling cookie.)

2.  Cut two strips of waxed paper, criss-cross and tape. (measure around outside of a clean “Pringle chip” type can and add 3-4″ to determine length of strips.)

3.  Place strips in can with cross near top of can. 

4.  Hold ends of strips and start stacking cookies!  You will slowly lower them into the can as you add cookies. 

The boys report that the cookies traveled without breaking and stayed fresh!  Great for fishing or camping trips! 

On Green (Wedding) Fun

I was doing a search for eco-friendly business cards and stumbled upon
Their cards are so unique!
If you click under EYE CANDY
you will be directed to Inspiration Boards
with ideas for parties, showers, and weddings!

Ol' Timey Lake Wedding by Kiana Lee Mosley, see more unique Minted wedding invitations
How cute is this for an outdoor wedding?
La Boda by Bethany, see more unique wedding invitations
¡Que linda!
La Boda board by Bethany. See more unique wedding invitations

Many years ago, as a 21 year old bride I picked lavender, peach, and ivory
 invitations that I still think were pretty cute,
 but how adorable are these?

A Woodland Wedding?
Fun and Funky
Summer Garden Wedding?
Beach Vows

Teacher Wedding?
They also have adorable party invites and…
business cards!
You have a 100% recycled option on every item which makes it even more beautiful.

Minted is giving me some lovely business cards for posting this, but I would have done it for free, they are just so cute! 

Almost Wordless Wednesday

5th grade field trips-
Our Beautiful State Capitol

Cute Old Gas Station Next to Central High School

Kids Listening @ Central High Museum
 Ballet Fundraiser and Recitals
Flower Arrangements @ Ballet AR’s “Turning Pointe” fundraiser
Dove Family Saying “Thank You”

*The baby dove that the boys rescued was fed by his parents under our watchful eyes. 
The other day my husband called me out to show me the whole dove family sitting on the wire.
I just know that they were thanking us!