One thing you can never predict is Arkansas weather! Last week the weather was at freezing or just above. Then yesterday it was in the 70’s (today too!)
We decided to go ride bikes on the River Trail since it was such a gorgeous day yesterday (and the last day of winter break for the kids.) We love the new trails!
We started at the Murry Dam and rode to Burn’s Park where we stopped for a picnic. On the way there we saw a few Great Blue Herons and Canada Geese on the river and even a white swan. It seemed strange to see a swan on the river, and alone at that. You don’t realize how big they are. Usually we see deer and nutrias or beaver, but it was so busy yesterday I guess they were all hiding. After lunch we rode back along the river and Emily did see a muskrat. I heard it but it was in the horsetails before I got a glimpse. Then we stopped at the bridge and walked over.
Now NLR/LR has the largest pedestrian walking bridge in the nation- the “Big Dam Bridge” -it spans the Arkansas River and goes right over Murray Lock and Dam.
It is so much fun to walk over the river and stand directly over the locks to watch the tugboats push barges down the river.
You can even yell down and talk to the bargemen…
“Where are you going?”
“What are you hauling?”
We watched nine barges full of wheat get pushed into the locks.
Then we got back on our bikes and headed back to the car. I think we rode about ten miles in all, give or take a few.
Who knows, it might snow tomorrow!
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