I’m attempting to start this blog (again.)  I tried on blogspot but couldn’t spend the time that it took to figure out all the bells and whistles.  We’ll see how this works! (Mac’s are so much easier! I love iWeb!)  
Yesterday was a hard day.  It started (or never ended) with two days of no sleep.  Amanda, mom’s dog, has been staying with us while mom’s away in Arizona.  She was 15+ and not in the best shape lately.   She woke up Wednesday morning and her front legs were stiff and cold.  I took her to the vet and she gave her some steroids and said it was probably a stroke.  On Thursday she improved a bit, and was able to move them stiffly, but not stand up without falling over.  We had two nights of her crying every ten to twenty minutes for me.  Yesterday started at the vet’s again, and we had the sad news that there wasn’t anything she could do that would get her back to “normal.”  So… we had to make the decision that was best for her.  I had the kids with me and was really worried about how they would react.  We had to put our dog (Amanda’s sister) Matty, to sleep in October.  
Max said, “Mommy, I am going to be the person who lives the longest life ever.” (He obsesses over death and dying…) I said, “Well, there is a reason for everything, baby.  We are all part of God, so we never really die all the way.”   He smiled and said “That’s good.  And now Amanda’s in heaven with her daddy Foster and mommy Amanda and sister Matty and they are playing.”
I think he’s going to be okay.
Well, we had the Cookie Rally, the big start of the Girl Scout Cookie sale last night too.  It is a “lock-in” type event held at the UALR Student Union and goes until midnight!   We ended up with only four girls and two adults going, so it was a manageable group.  I didn’t think it was much fun as lines were soooo long and there wasn’t anything different from last year.  I think the girls had some fun regardless and that IS what it’s all about!   I hope they listen to some of our suggestions for next year. 
Well, I’m off to take the Christmas tree all the way down and begin this new year again…

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