I had a surprise visit from an old college buddy on Thursday!  He was in town for work and stopped by for a quick visit.  I hadn’t seen him in 15 years, since his wedding I think!  There were not many latinos in Fayetteville when I was at U of A (ya really!) and there were only five kids from Panama- Me, Casey Wharry, Larry Tartaglia, and two guys whose parents owned Estrella Azul milk company (who weren’t very friendly.)  My Spanish prof introduced me to Casey and we were fast friends from then on.  He introduced me to Juan Luis Guerra y 4:40, and other such music I hadn’t found yet (Atlantic siders stick to reggae mostly) and I showed him and his friends the best places for surf and sand on the Atlantic side.  His wife, Celeste, is a gorgeous girl who was in many art classes with Scott (who was an art major at the time.)  I haven’t seen her since their second son was born (what is it, 12 yrs now?)  It’s funny how much has changed since then: *Now there is an internet!   *We each have three kids!  *Grey hair (for me anyway) *We actually can go see Hog games if we want to!  but it seems like we picked up in the same place as if we weren’t 15 years older!   I really hope we get to see more of them soon!  

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