This weekend was so beautiful I have been officially bitten by the “Spring Bug.” The weather was chilly but sunny and the air was moist (which I enjoy.) We drove up to Petit Jean on Sunday after Emily played bells in two services, and rented a cute little cabin on the ridge of the canyon by Mather Lodge. They have started a “one pet cabin” trial and we took Cole to see how he’d take the hiking. The vet did say he needed to lose twenty (yes, twenty) pounds, so we thought it would do him some good.
We hiked the Seven Hollows trail the first day, 4.75 miles I think. There had been a major fire there since the last time we hiked that trail and it was almost surreal. I remember the last time we’d hiked it the trees were so magical and tall it was almost like being in a rain forest or fairyland. This time, it was like being on a totally different planet. Very strange feeling. It was really fun and the kids did great with hardly any “Mommy, carry me!” (Well, maybe a mile or two…) One thing we didn’t expect was how slow we’d be and didn’t pack a flashlight, we practically ran the last mile because the sun was getting so low!
The second day we just did the Falls hike and then headed for the climbing rocks and Bear Cave. The kids enjoyed playing hide and seek in the rocks and Max cried for a long while that he didn’t want to ever go home. We never found the petroglyphs in the caves, not sure where they are, have to research before next time. Emily fell on the way to the overlook and hurt her arm. Still aching and probably going to have to get it x-rayed tomorrow.

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