Yesterday was Max’s first Pinewood Derby. Scott’s the Cubmaster for our school, so we had to find a track, get trophies etc. It was a fun day and the kids and parents all had fun I think. Max’s little train came in 3rd in the Tiger Cubs (12th out of 13 cars overall…) and did win “Most Original Design” which he was thrilled with (but wondered why it didn’t include a trophy.) He also qualified to go to the council’s derby so I have to keep his little car safe until April. The girls have their “Powder Puff” derby next Saturday so lots of sawdust and glue around our house.

The strangest thing was that it started to spit sleet outside during the derby, and by about 5pm we actually had snow (big flakes) coming down! Our first snow of the year and probably the last. It was so pretty and there was still a little bit when we woke up, covering the deck by about a quarter of an inch (maybe less.) Of course it was gone by the time we got out this morning.

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