Yesterday I made spaghetti and meatballs (turkey) and homemade French bread for dinner.
The recipe I use for the bread is a great one and makes 4 loaves. It’s from a great bread book mom gave me a long time ago “Farm Journal’s Homemade Breads” Usually I cut corners on time and it’s just OK. Last night I was patient and it was beautiful. I LOVE fresh bread. One of the biggest pains I have is missing the lovely fresh “michas” and “michitas” we would get in Colon (Panama) for $.25 to $.75. The smell alone makes you full and happy I think. They baked them with wood on a tile bed which makes all the difference. The kids actually ate.
Many things have been happenning around us lately that makes me realize how lucky we are and how grateful I am for the life I have been given.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Dishes left on the table and counter – means we have more than enough to eat. (And it means I don’t have to pay the kids their allowance!)
  • Clothes not in the hamper– We have clothes to wear (too many)
  • Legos on the floor I step on– means I have creative children (And again it means I don’t have to pay the kids their allowance!)
  • Too many things to do in the day– Makes me happy that I’m healthy enough to do them
  • My children arguing- We are all together and still speaking to each other
  • Library fines– I have a place I can find free books
  • Paw Prints on the clean floor
  • Sticky little kisses
  • Scratchy big kisses

I just know that we have to savour every minute of the beautiful lives we are given.