My honey and I started a “diet” this week.  I must start by saying that I do not believe in diets in the traditional sense.  We really are just doing this: I’m just writing down everything I put in my mouth, trying to only drink green tea or water, and mainly veggies.  The hubby has done something crazy (to me- thinking of him) he has gone vegetarian.  If you know him and his moanings because we eat no red meat in our house this is amazing to you also.  I think the spur of activity might be because our 20 year high school class reunions are coming this summer.  


I’ve never really had a weight problem.  Lucky genes I guess.  I always was VERY active until the past few years.   In high school I was a total adrenaline junkie- run, swim, body surf, swim, lift weights, run (all in one day.)  Now  I’m active chasing kids but not doing regular exercise, and that plus the fact that 40 is getting closer and closer has made my tummy start to sag.  (Well, maybe babies have had something to do with it also.)  My last doctor’s visit I found out my blood sugar is almost diabetic.  
“What does that mean?”  I asked the doctor.   
“Well,”  he said, “that you will be diabetic in a few years probably.”  
That, coupled with the fact that both of my grandma’s developed diabetes after 40 made me a bit worried.  After researching, I found out that women with P.C.O.S. have a really high chance of getting it anyway.  Great.  So, now I’m trying to get my BMI, which is normal but on the higher end of normal,  down to low normal (which equals about 12 lbs.)  Hopefully that will get my sugar in check and keep me from becoming diabetic.  
I found a neat iPhone application called “Lose It!” that keeps track of all the food you eat, the exercise etc.   I think it is mainly helping me keep from eating an entire pan of brownies by myself (which I’m thinking about right now but I’d have to enter it and then see the guilt in two places, my bum and my phone. 🙂  Trying to utilize the Wii my kids are so fond of too, but Wii Fit is a bit slow- all that clicking between things.  
Anyone know of any better games for it? 
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