(My lovely yard from the side view with our star, Cole.)

If you know me you’ve noticed a change in our yard since last year (when we adopted our “little” puppy Cole.) Before, it wasn’t much to look at, but now Cole has helped give it his special touch (large holes in a neat line going down the hill that water runs down like a waterfall when it rains, chewed up toys, smashed bushes.) He LOVES the fish pond and the poor fish put up with his swimming in their home (I think because he does keep the raccoons away.)

(NOT my yard, but I like these ideas!)

Last summer I had a landscape designer come give me a plan that I could work from for the yard. I liked some of his ideas but think I need to add some things to make it actually work for my family. Scott and I walked the perimeter this weekend taking mental notes on what we liked and didn’t like, and I am almost certain a plan has formed in my mind. I’m going to try and rework the designer’s plan and watercolor a new one that I can show the gardener when I finally call him. (I would do it alone but not sure how to drive a backhoe…) I am really excited because I think maybe we will have a nice yard by the end of the year!

This is a picture of the pergola I want over our driveway on the side of the house. We are going to probably do stone pillars that match the house though instead of the wooden side beams. This is a picture of the pavillion at the new Rivermarket playground (AWESOME!)

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