I’m trying to get the cakes I have to make for Sunday straight in my head…
I have a pink cake for my friend’s 5 yr. old girl and a bridal shower cake for my mom-in-law’s buddies to make.
She wants something like the bear one in yesterday’s post, (minus the bear) so I thought this was cute. Probably with brighter colored dots (hot pink, turquoise, bright green or purple?)
Might do a bow along the bottom with her name instead of on the cake. Don’t know if I dare do that since I haven’t made one in awhile.
The bridal shower cake is the same colors, except they want a solid white sheet cake with some of daisies in those same colors (turquoise, green, hot pink) so I can use the same fondant. They don’t want theirs covered in fondant though, and not sure if I’ll do the little girl’s cake in fondant or just decorate with it. Most people like the taste of buttercream better.

Have to make a trip to the cake store to get some boxes and food coloring (as my kids can’t have it I don’t keep any in the house!)

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