Mom and I went to the NLR Farmer’s Market this morning. I always spend too much money at markets. Seems like the money slips away. I have a new term for this- “Farmer’s Market Frenzy.” Everything always looks so good- hard to resist!

Some of my gatherings (eggs and cheese not included)

Breakfast I made (Chilaquiles) – All local and fresh! YUM.

I also managed to score some beautiful azaleas from the Argenta CDC. Great price for the size. I am redoing some flower beds and probably need more than the four I bought.

It was so nice that the rain gave us a reprieve. The air must be about 95% water right now. I actually love that if it doesn’t get any warmer. Feels like you’re swimming- almost!

Crazy Hair!

I had to add this picture of the back of my baby’s head last night at the Travs game. You can see how humid it was! See the storms clouds above the field?

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